Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tucker's Story

a Short Story by a 4yr old-
pick a character and GO...

Once there was this MEAN GUY. His Hair was BLOOD. He picked flowers and put poison in them, they died.
There were 3 Ghosts, they were nice with sharp teeth that they used to scare the MEAN GUY. the Ghosts locked
the Zombie, the Werewolf and the MEAN GUY in a dungeon. The Zombiw was nice but he had no feet and his
leg was broken and wrapped up in that white stuff. The MEAN GUY had no color in his eyes and you could see his
BRAINS through the eye places.
there was a GIANT, he was good. He was SOOOooo tall hat his head was above the clouds. His grand daughter
wanted to have a baby. She was sick and her feet were different colors. There was a WITCH DR. but he made her
sicker. Her feet and arms and torso and head were all cut off and put back together and her hands were on the bottom
and her feet were on top.
The End

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rabbit Silo

it's feeding time....